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Disability Awareness

  1. Disability awareness – do one of these:

    • Explain what a disability is.
    • Find out about a Paralympian and their sport. Tell a story about their achievements.
    • Visit an activity centre or playground for people with disabilities.
    • Talk about how your meeting place could be made better so that everyone can take part.
    • Make a poster that tells others about a disability. Choose something that’s not mentioned later, in numbers 2, 3 or 4
  2. Physical disability awareness – do one of these:

    • Show how to safely push a wheelchair.
    • Talk about an aid that can help a disabled person. It could be a type of wheelchair, computer, grabber or rising chair.
    • Play a game where you can only sit down or use one hand. Goalball is one game you could try
  3. Deaf awareness – do one of these:

    • Learn how to fingerspell your name.
    • Learn the Promise in British Sign Language.
    • Explain what hearing dogs for deaf people do. Why are they helpful?
    • Play a game without using sound
  4. Sight awareness – do one of these:

    • Talk about what guide dogs for blind people do
    • Guide a blindfolded Beaver through a game or assault course.
    • Play blind football or another blindfolded game