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Media Relations and Marketing

Choose from three of these activities to achieve this badge.

  • Produce and give a presentation about Scouting. Use audio and visual media and think about how you can make it relevant to people not involved in Scouting.
  • Write a press release about a Scout event that has taken place. Send it to your local Media Development Manager so that they can get it published in the local press, radio station or community website.
  • Find out about local media outlets such as radio, TV, newspapers and online. Find out what their target audience is and work out a storyline that they might be interested in featuring.
  • Prepare and present an audio or video package about a Scouting event or activity. The report should be accurate, informative and reflect the adventure of Scouting.
  • Prepare a creative display about your Troop or Group that can be exhibited in your local library, information centre or public place.
  • Interview a local public figure or someone in the local news, such as a church leader, politician or celebrity and present the interview to your Troop. Get some advice from your Leader before contacting the person.
  • Produce some media which can be used within Scouting, such as a district newsletter story or a piece of website content.