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Pulling (Fixed Seat Rowing)

These badge requirements were updated on 26 January 2018. The previous badge requirements can still be used until 31 January 2019, to allow for transition where necessary.

If you have completed the British Rowing Explore Rowing Programme in a fixed seat craft, or gained a personal or leadership activity permit for pulling, you can automatically gain this badge.

If not, here's what you need to do:

  1. Show that you understand the equipment required for the activity. As part of this:

    • point out and name the basic parts of a pulling boat
    • explain the importance of wearing appropriate clothing for various weather conditions
  2. Show that you can take part in this activity safely. You should:

    • understand how to safely enter and exit the boat
    • understand the safety equipment required and how to use it
    • gain a basic knowledge of the rules of the road for your local waters
    • understand the difference between a lifejacket and a buoyancy aid, and demonstrate how to wear them correctly
    • from a boat, heave an unweighted line to land within reach of target five metres, within three attempts
    • learn the actions and safety requirements to take when being towed
    • know how to respond in an emergency
  3. Carry out these manoeuvres in sequence:

    • take the boat away from a bank side mooring
    • row in a straight line for 100 metres
    • complete a figure-of-eight course
    • come alongside in your dinghy, to moor at a ring, post, bollard or buoy, using a round turn and two half hitches
  4. Complete two of these tasks:

    • scull over the stern between two points, 20 metres apart, and turn through 180 degrees
    • draw stroke over the bow
    • take a place as an oarsman, including stroke
    • give boat orders effectively, or listen to boat orders and act on them
    • as bowman, be a lookout and report hazards to the coxswain using standard maritime directions, such as starboard, port quarter and dead ahead